Why you need the right workout clothes and how to choose them

The workout clothes you wear can make a huge difference to how motivated you feel before the
exercise and how great you feel after it.
Just imagine, if you already feel that your workout clothes are not the most comfortable or
appropriate, you are probably not going to have the confidence to go all-in for the workout. You
might even worry about how others are looking at you.
But if your clothes are fitted perfectly and look fashionable, you are proud, motivated and ready for
the challenges. During the workout, you won’t feel the weight of your clothes, and a few extra miles
seems like nothing!
If you are practicing flow yoga, you can move in between poses seamlessly without adjusting your
clothes. If you are doing outdoor adventures, you can sweat but not worry about getting chills. If you
are in a hard HIIT sesh, good activewear can bring the best out of you without feeling drenched in
With the right clothes, you can focus on what’s important – your body, your movement, and your

What would happen without the right workout clothes

● Chafing thighs if your clothes constantly rub against your skin during repetitive movements (running, cycling)

● Feel like you are swimming in your own pool of sweat when your clothes hold moisture
● Constantly have to adjust your clothes because they are too loose and get tangled up
● Itchy skin as your workout clothes have bad-quality fabrics and seams

Qualities of the best workout clothes

Comfort: Your clothes should hug your body shape and make you feel at ease. They should
be lightweight, not too thick, tight or loose.
Breathability: There are synthetic fabrics that have “moisture-wicking” properties. They
allow sweat to evaporate quickly, so that your body is dry and cool.
Flexibility: It is important that your clothes allow unrestricted movements. This usually
means fitted sports bra and leggings made out of elastic materials.
Support: For women, most support is needed to keep your boobs in place under extreme
movements. If you have a weak pelvic floor, high-waisted leggings can support your mid-
Durability: Active wear needs to be tough as you wear and wash them on a daily basis. Long
lasting fabrics save you the most dollars in the long term.

What to look for when buying workout clothes

Different fabrics – know the good, bad and the ugly

Fabrics are the fundamentals that set different workout clothes apart. Good fabrics pull your sweat
away and encourage you to keep exercising for longer. Bad fabrics make you feel grossed out and
call the quits.

Moisture wicking fabrics

These fabrics have magical sweat-wicking properties that evaporate your sweat into the air. It
prevents your body temperature from rising too quickly, especially in heated exercises such as hot

The best moisture-wicking fabrics types include:
● Polyester
● Polypropylene
● Wool
● Nylon
● Micromodal
● Bamboo
● Spandex

While both synthetic and natural fabrics can wick moisture, they each have pros and cons. Synthetic
fabrics tend to last longer whereas synthetic fabrics tend to retain odors.

Anti-wicking fabric

This is the opposite of what we want! Cotton is a classic example of fabrics that retain sweat and

make you feel hot and sticky. Of course, cotton is soft and comfortable, making it great for leisure
clothes and acceptable for gentle yoga. But wearing cotton clothes to a HIIT session will definitely
make you regret.

Get the perfect fit that hugs you

While it’s not necessary to have tight outfits, your clothes should be fitted so that you can move and
stretch easily. A perfect fit is when your outfit hugs you, but not suffocates you (too tight) or gets in
your way (too loose).


Spandex is an elastic material that makes your clothes “hug” you. This synthetic fabric can expand to
almost 600% of its size and therefore allows a huge range of motion. You don’t need to worry about
it losing form either as it snaps back in place after every stretch.
Since spandex is also moisture-wicking, antibacterial and long-lasting, it is a great indicator for high-
quality active wear.
For example, sweatshirts, leggings and sports bras at Yoga Vibe all use a polyester and spandex
blend for optimal moisture-wicking and stretchy performances.
Fashionable and functional from the gym to the street
In today’s fast-paced and contemporary society, convenience and aesthetics are also essential.
Wouldn’t it be great if you can wear your “workout clothes” outside the gym?
A fashionable look saves you from changing from one outfit to another and having to carry a massive
gym bag. This is exactly why the designers at Yoga Vibe have used lots of creativity to design fashion-
forward exercise apparels that are also appropriate for your social outing and workplace.

Wearing sports bras and leggings also give you extra posture support around the breasts and waist.
If you are used to sitting in front of a computer, they are very helpful for preventing saggy breasts
and muffin tops!