Reasons to wear a sports bra

Are you a woman who engages in physical exercises? If so, wearing a sports bra is mandatory for you. If you don’t wear a supportive sports bra, the consequences can be dangerous than you think. Even if you may not experience any pain when you do the exercises without wearing a sports bra, the damages can gradually occur and cause adverse effects. Most importantly, this theory applies to tiny breasts as well.


Sports bras prevent potential damages and sagging of the breasts

Mammary glands and Coopers Ligaments (which are soft tissues that help to maintain the size of the breasts) are the main ‘building blocks’ of women’s breasts. If you wear a good supportive bra, you can expect better protection as it minimizes the potential damages to the tissues and Cooper’s Ligaments of your breast.


The main job of Cooper’s Ligaments is to support the breast tissue and maintain the natural, firm shape of the breasts. It is pretty similar to the function of a rubber band. If those ligaments stretch constantly, they will not retract to the original position. If you don’t support your breasts during exercises, the ligaments tend to stretch over and over. Even if you have smaller breasts, the consequences will be the same. Things can get worse over time so wearing sports bras is a must if you don’t like saggy breasts.


Even if the exercises are not intense, if they cause your breasts to bounce, you surely need to wear a sports bra. This is true when it comes to exercises such as jogging, playing a game of tennis, running, treadmill or even walking. If you don’t wear a sports bra, you should be prepared to experience some saggy breasts sooner or later.


In general, breasts tend to move in three dimensions during physical activities. They can move up and down, side to side or in and out. A good sports bra can prevent all those motions. Therefore, finding the correct type of sports bra is the only solution to limit the movements and prevent your breasts from sagging.


The only instance where your breasts are not moving is when you are standing still or lying down. If you involve in any type of activity other than that, you must wear a good sports bra.


Sports bras can reduce potential pain and discomforts during exercises

Many studies confirm that wearing good fitting sports bras ensure the overall efficiency of the exercises. Also, it will ensure that there is plenty of enjoyment of the workouts.


A good sports bra will reduce the movements of the breasts as mentioned before. Then, it will reduce the overall pain and discomfort you might face during the physical activities. One of the most notable aspects associated with good quality sports bras is that they come with sweat-wicking ability. That means they can wick away the sweat and keep your upper body dry throughout the exercises.


Be sure to buy your sports bra from a reputed seller if you intend to enjoy the maximum benefits and best return for the money you spend.