Hoodies – the best layering piece

The truth is that there is no better layering piece compared to a hoodie, particularly for a woman. Every woman has at least one hoodie in their wardrobes. Women’s hoodies are a cozy, comfortable and stylish piece that matches any fashionable, outgoing woman. With that said, here’s a guide for you if you are interested in buying a new hoodie for you.


Full-zip hoodies

Full-zip hoodies are a must-have item in any women’s wardrobe. Classic full-zip hoodies are ideal especially when you are wearing a trendy top or a t-shirt that you will like to show off. When you wear full zips, you can zip it up and down easily. It allows you to warm yourself or cool down without necessarily taking your hoodie off entirely. Basically, full zip hoodies are ideal for regions where all four seasons take place.


Oversized hoodies

Arguably, this can be one of the latest hoodie trends. You may have seen that many girls wear oversized hoodies when they go out. Oversized hoodies are comfortable and they make a statement for the wearer. You can even couple those oversized hoodies with boyfriend jeans as well and get a laid back look. If not, you can pair it with black leggings so the total focus will be on the hoodie.


Pullover hoodies

Well, pullover type hoodies are considered to be every girl’s low key favorite piece. They are incredibly comfortable and gives you a cozy feeling. Since there is no zipper, you can feel it as a blanket as well. In general, pullover hoodies come with larger pockets in the front. You can use that hoodie to carry your essentials as well. If not, you can even use it to keep the hands warm.


Cropped hoodies

Cropped hoodies are known for their fun and flirty design. If you visit the Instagram profile of a fashionable woman, you will see at least a couple of photos of her with a cropped hoodie. In fact, cropped hoodies are a combination of the crop tops (which was a hit in the 90’s) and comfortable, classic feeling of the hoodies. These items are excellent to wear during late spring or even during early autumn (as long as there is enough warmth to show some skin, cropped hoodies are great). However, you can wear them even during the winter by coupling it either with a tank top or high waist leggings.


Gym and running hoodies

Are you into running? Doing your cardio exercises? Do some weight training? If so, a performance hoodie is mandatory. Compared to the normal hoodies that come with very soft, cozier and heavier hoodies, gym hoodies are designed to be smoother, lightweight and breathable. Although both the hoodies are comfortable, fitness hoodies are much better for the purpose of working out. Women’s gym hoodies are excellent for any woman who is active and energetic.


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